An Average Delay

When most people start a website, or a blog they are filled with happy, bright colorful thoughts. They believe that their website (or blog) is special, unique, and will immediately take off. They think that they will post once a day, and in a month or two they're gonna be somewhat successful. I'm an experienced … Continue reading An Average Delay



Good day!!! This was truly an awesome, I had so much fun on my first day in hawaii. There was a problem though as I had a $250 breakfast, and a $150-200 dinner, courtesy of the Hilton Waikoloa Village. And that is an expensive breakfast (especially for a buffet). So first I went too the … Continue reading 24/11/18


I am excited and I'm happy. The entire day was spent preparing for the 10 day Hawaii trip I'm leaving for Tomorrow. It's going to be great, the only down part is that I get up at 3 AM tomorrow. But it doesn't matter that much because I like planes, I like airports. I'm weird … Continue reading 22/12/18